Gordon Gekko, Economic Idol, slick narcissistic f#@kface, slimy shark. Gekko test, measure egos, used in the finance world.
balance sheet, the art of balancing the unbalanced, hide & greed.
China, gold mine.
advertising, legal manipulation.
Financial regulation, contradiction by defenition, form of fake regulation or make believe supervision, aimed at the public to create false sense of integrity to the financial system, used to legitimize abuse of money, most profitable superstitious scam known to man.
Wallet Street, where Wall Street hide their cash.
fraud, advanced bullshit artistery, skillfull criminal activity, executed by moral-free careless and/or just selfish people.
short sale, making money on losing money.
long sale, short sale gone sour.
supply and demand, supply creates demand. Ask any drug dealer. And the price depends on how desperate you are. There is no fucking logic between supply and demand. Take hookers. Their whole business model is based on supplying people there`s no demand for.
customer disloyalty, is when it`s profitable to publicly distance your company from the customers behavior.
customer loyalty, is profitably accepting unacceptable customer behavior.
broker, a guy or girl, often guy, lier, machoman, huge ego, who`s so broke he can`t afford to trade himself. He operates in the stock zone between seller and buyer where he offers advice on how you can use the stock market to end up like him.
financé, a man or woman who is engaged to be his or her firm`s partner.
money, does what you want when you got them and what they want when they got you.
virtual profit, making fantasy gain in business activities for the benefit of the owners imagination. The word comes from Latin and means out of control.
wild money, anything that`s accepted as payment for illegal goods, services and debts. It can be silence, a signature, sex, murder or just simply cash under the table.
dark cleaners, a cleaning process necessary for cleaning operations that would otherwise be damaged by the light of day.
money laundromat, mafia, bookies, ottery tickets etc.., a place where you wash dirty cash.
The Financial Crimes, British international business newspaper. Its primary rival is New York City based The Wall Street Criminal.
stock market crash, diving, going for a swim in the deep ocean, drive too fast on a bad road, crash while the money fly out the window.
City of Cash, small area within Cayman Islands where London Stock Exchange keep their Cayman cash. = fraud
free slave, = the free slave agreement, an agreement where corporations trade slavejobs to the lowest bidder (nasty).